Elrico Tunstall (Founder) EST.2016

(#DNotoriousManagerofTheYear) Elrico Tunstall is the Founder/Chief Executive Talent Manager of this  talent company . He was born in Pascogoula Mississippi to humble beginnings and raised by a blue collar worker and locally renowned musician Charlie and Lillian Tunstall. For 18 years they taught him family and christian values that he would continue to use throughout his life. 

     Following High school Elrico went on to join the United States Army and defend his country for over eight years with two tours in combat danger zones. He was awarded numerous awards for his Valor and dedication while serving with 2ID. Upon his medical retirement he would use his G.I Bill to move to Los Angeles California to pursue his dream of being in the entertainment industry. He attended Los Angeles Film School and quickly shot to the top of his Class excelling in Producing and Casting. After two years Elrico would later take his knowledge and talents to Pensacola Florida where he would start up G.L.R Productions LLC and later Reboot his company into Manager of the year Talent Management Company. His vision is set steadfast on bringing Terrific family  entertainment to the masses by cultivating new talent and giving Actors, Singers, Rappers and Models oppurtunities and platforms to showcase their talents. Making #ManagerOfTheYear the brand people look to for upcoming talent. His Love for God is strong, His Team is strong, and most importantly his Faith is invincible. 

Education: Associates Degree from Virginia College Business Management Presidents List and Class Valedictorian.